Lifelong Love. Is it really Possible?

Sometimes love can last forever and some times it only goes for so long but the one thing that I have learned no love can be wasted.

In other words every time I have loved, even when it might seem that it ended badly I was presented with something much more valuable to me than I could have imagined if I had never been bold enough to love in the first place.

My first marriage was probably crazy in the eyes of many.  I met the man when I was 15 and married him when I was 18.  I put up with many unhappy years with this man but I had 2 wonderful sons that certainly changed my life forever.  I had never really been sure if I wanted children or not (mainly because I was not that happy in the marriage) but when my first son was put in my arms my life and my love was changed forever.  I felt the unconditional love of this tiny little boy who was so dependent on me.  Wonderful unconditional love that truly will go on.

Even though this blog is not about the love of children I feel like the unconditional love of a child is very relevant because in my opinion love has to be unconditional and one of the biggest obstacles to finding real and lasting love is the judgments and stories are made up when we look at another with love that has its shackles.  Love that has its conditions.

Believe me I was brought up with love that was conditional and it shaped me to learn resilience but more than that it shaped me to learn all I could to truly understand love in all its complexities and to understand at this time in my life even hard love has its place in the person that I am today.

Learning to love myself was my hardest lesson.  I thought that it had to come from someone else but after 2 failed marriages I was able to create a life that I truly love and move into integrity with myself and what was important to me.  I found that once I could understand that my life was not about me it was about how I could do my part to inspire the people around me, then I had the chance to be all that I could be and all I have ever wanted to be.

I am a relationship coach and I want you to take a look at your past relationships with completely new eyes and see that you learned something really valuable from them.

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