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About Me

It is so fun to live in the times that we currently live in. I took this video this morning as I wanted to share with you my home office views. I love beauty and last year attracted this wonderful space which I love!

I am a spiritual life coach and survivor of hard knocks. Passionate about helping you to understand how important that it is for you to develop self love.

Most of my life I played the victim and it is not a fun place to be. Have been through the ropes and now want to help you change your life by understanding how the law of attraction is working in your life and loving yourself will bring you gifts that you can’t even imagine.

I have been caught up in 2 marriages that were all about him getting what he wanted but I was feeling like I did not get anything that I wanted.

From an early age I just wanted to love and be loved and I was prepared to put up with anything to have that love relationship. Married at age 18 but while I was on my honeymoon I realized that it was a mistake. I put up with his nonsense for 17 years before I had the courage to leave him.

With 2 young children (aged 3 and 5) it was not easy to face life on my own but it was a very liberating experience to now be able to be alone and make my own choices. It was still too easy for me to fall into another relationship because I did not yet know how important self love is.

True love was only found after I had the made the commitment to truly love myself. I went through a 28 program to find my true love partner. And it was just days before I finished the course I met the man who I was destined to love.

I want you to be able to bring forth real love in your life too. I believe that it is my life purpose and I love it!