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The Importance of Loving Yourself – Dr. Margaret Paul

I have looked for love from others for most of my life but not been willing to love myself and this is something that really is not helpful in any relationship.

When I was looking for love from someone else then I would do anything to gain their love and found myself in a lot of heartache and even taken advantage of by scammers both wanting me to give them money and using me to get stolen money.

It really was not much fun at all.

Once I felt better about myself and was willing to give myself the love that I wanted so badly from everyone else then an interesting thing happened.  I was asked out to dinner by men I have never met before.

I was so popular or a dating app that previously I did not get much attention from before.

I was happier in my life and was able to take each day as it come, instead of feeling that I needed to control everything in my life.

I hope that you have gained some insight in this video and if you would like a free session with me, I look forward to talking to you soon.

Much Love

Susan Hinds

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