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Done with Crying – Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children.

I enjoyed listening to this because when I experienced estrangement from my family I felt very alone and it was refreshing to know that I was not alone in this.

With time it was much easier in my life to come to terms with what happened, but the whole experience led me to think about my life and what I really wanted in my life.

Here are some tips to help you to move forward in your life:

  1. Choose to forgive yourself and any one else that needs to be forgiven. This is so important because holding on to unforgiveness is really bad for your health. Even though you have been through so much it is much easier if you move on with your life and concentrate on what you really want.
  2. Think about what you really want in your life – Thoughts are going to come into your mind about the problem but find what helps to make these thoughts easier. For me having beautiful things around me like flowers or something that I appreciate. Find something you love that you can focus on.
  3. Be easy on yourself. It’s not easy but it is going to make you more aware of what you want in your life and therefore improve your life if you don’t give in to the toxicity.
  4. Understand that the purpose of life is to fully experience it. To really understand and appreciate who you really are.
  5. The universe is for you not against you so please understand that this has happened to make your life better if you can allow it.
  6. Sign up for information with I found that this information was incredibly helpful for me in healing and moving forward.

I hope that this helps you.


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