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It Always Turns Out Right for You

I really love the work of Abraham Hicks and while I have been preparing to have a great new love relationship this video seemed really important.

It has been really easy for me to get stuck in the problems that I have encountered in the past but my desire for a relationship is very strong and because of that I embarked on 28 days of drawing the right man to me.

It was fun to focus on getting my man and every day I put just a little time aside to think about what I wanted and amazingly to me just at the end of this time I met someone who I have those tender feelings of love for.

Life is a lot easier because I understand the law of attraction. I have always loved it but one thing that has been a problem that I recently understood is that when you are intent on something new then everything that is in the way of that comes up for healing.

This has for so long for me been baffling but now it makes sense. It is a matter of letting go of thoughts that don’t serve me and really think about what I want.

I will let you know more about my new relationship. It is such a joy for me to finally have this man in my life. The one thing that I did notice after my 28 day routine is that the men I met had a great deal more respect for me than men I had encountered before. It was incredible to me.

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