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Happy for No Reason Interview With Marci Shimoff

For many years I have struggled to find happiness.  I started a happiness group around 20 years ago and also ran laughter therapy workshops for adults. As a result I found that there was nothing that happened to me that I could not find something funny about.  Laughing and having fun no matter what became a very import aspect of my life and still is.

I signed up to be a certified Happy For No Reason Trainer and it really does make my heart sing to know that I can really make a difference in the lives of others but most importantly include some skills in my own life so that I feel happy without any conditions and have so far learned some great skills.

I did the exercise (on the video) of putting my hand on my heart and I felt a sense of peace that was very nice.  I also learned that if I have a choice to make that I can feel the options in my body, so I tried that out between the bus and the train.  The train felt more expansive so I went to the station and waited just a minute and a train was there for me.  How cool was that?

Much love,

Susan xx


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