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It Is All About Love

This is one of my favorite videos.

The one thing that I am experiencing more and more in my life is that I am being led to my highest good and understanding and learning to love myself and everything in the world more fully, trusting that everything happens for the best of all concerned.

I used to worry and fret about everything.  It got to the point that I found it really hard to function some days because I was overwhelmed by fear, worry and doubt.  I thought that my life was wrong and I had a hunger to learn more about life and try to understand what life was all about.

One of my favorite teachers is Barbara De Angelis and her teaching for a Choice for Love.  The reason that I started up this business and this website was to increase the amount of love in the world and inspire the people that I work with that love is really the only choice.

I have seen a lot of trouble between men and women in a relationship.  I have been divorced twice and really thought that it was all my ex’s fault.

I have learned that I was just as much to blame and if I wanted to have a lasting relationship I needed to tolerate less and be willing to speak up before things escalated and I was really angry and upset.

I have been taught from a very young age not to make any trouble and that I just had to tolerate but sometimes the word no can be the most loving answer I can give to another person.

Much love,


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