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The Greatest Love of All

There is so much wisdom in this song.  I have lived most of my life with out really experiencing much self love at all and have dedicated most of my life to finding this love from others.  This really did not work very well for me at all.

Yesterday I sent a picture to a man that I really like and after I sent it I did not hear from him all day.  I had stories about why this had happened.  The day before he was texting me and talking with me and today nothing.  I felt so sad.  He did not like me.  Had all sorts of stories about it.

Went to bed feeling really sad only to awake in the morning to the most beautiful text message I have ever received from him.  It was only my own insecurities that had made me so unhappy.  Nothing to do with him at all.

Life truly is like that.  Nothing that happens is either good or bad.  It is neutral but it was my thoughts about what happened that really made me sad.

Despite my feelings of sadness I went to a beautiful place and went swimming. There were pelicans all around and I love those beautiful birds.  When life give me lemons I do my best to make lemonaide.

I couldn’t change what happened to me and I did not try to change the way that I felt about what happened but I did find a way to enjoy my day and make the most of how I felt and that is the most important thing to do in any circumstance.

Just taking the time to find a better feeling when anything at all happens is the best thing to do.

If you want your life to be different the best thing to do is to start looking at your reaction to what is happening and find a way to feel better about it.

Much love,


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