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Feeling Better (No Matter What Happens)

Feeling better.  I had a dear friend who is going through some tough times and I love the work of Abraham Hicks, so I had a look for a video that would help him and this is what I found.

I have had a lot of practice at feeling better despite some real difficulties in my life and I am grateful to the place that it has bought me too.  In fact I feel that it has helped me grow into someone that I feel good about and everything in my life has changed because I have changed my prospective on life itself.

I would not have had my life be different!  The hardships have served me in countless ways.

Much of my life was spent resisting what was around me.  Mainly lack of love and lack of money.  But I was determined not to get caught up in the negative pattern that I had set up for myself in my life.

It took a lot of learning and dedication to have a better life but it also helped me trust that even the worst things that have happened to me have really helped me to understand life to a degree that I would not have been able to without these experiences.

If you are going through a tough time, take care of yourself and embrace something, anything that makes you feel better because feeling better is the most important option that you have at the moment.

Much love,


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