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From Judgements to Understanding

Because men and women think so differently the most important gift that you can give your relationship is to refrain from judging and ask questions that will enable you to better understand the communication.

I have used my own judgements to try to make sense of the world but my judgements were based on beliefs that I have had and also my mind trying to keep me safe.

I really believe that relationships are to bring out the best in both partners and judgement don’t come from the same place as love.

When I was willing to suspend my judgements and lead with what was going on in my heart, everything went a lot smoother and I felt a lot calmer and that is where love is.

Also it was important for me to remember that when something comes into my awareness that doesn’t feel very good it is almost always something that I need to let go of.

I have a great app on my phone “Let Go & Let God”  I love this app as it feels so much better when I can just let things go.  It is one of my most important tools.

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