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Over Giving (This has been huge for me!)

Giving in a relationship is wonderful but it really has to be done from a place of fullness and I have mainly done it from a place of lack and that is not a good place to operate from.

Over giving has been a big problem in my relationships and my life.

It’s important that when you give to your partner it feels like a win/win not a resentment.  Mostly in my life I have thought that I can cope with that and then I put up with a bit more and a bit more and before I know it I had a huge resentment.  It was easy for me to think that it was my partner that was to blame but really it was that I was too eager to please.

It is nice to be nice to people but when it became my identity to people please then I found that I had to take a look at myself and my life and to discover what changes I needed to put into place in order to make my life workable and fun again.

The only person that you really need to please is yourself, especially as a woman.  A man loves to please his woman and he actually feels better when he is doing that but for a woman it is so important that she is doing things that make her happy.

If a man feels like he can make you happy then he will blossom in the relationship and things will go well but if he feels that his partner is unhappy then he will feel responsible and commonly pull away further from the relationship.

As a woman it is important to find things that feel good for you.  For me it is walking, dancing, exploring new places and laughter. Also being in beautiful places in nature, beaches and churches with beautiful stained glass windows.

Make a list of what you really love in your life and make some space to do those things for yourself everyday.

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